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The market of used cars in South Africa is big and fierce business. Sure thing, the amount of people who opt for vehicles grows at lightning speed, while manufacturers and dealers bid for each customer. Against this background, we, average buyers, get lost in billions of offers & price tags. Luckily, there are supportive online services (marketplaces) which categorize all commercial bids in order to provide a comprehensive searching tool.

How does this work out? It’s simplicity itself. Dealers (as well as private owners) expose for sale all SA second hand cars in a single place. In their turn, potential buyers are able to fully use the catalogue to find an appropriate option. Certainly, without accessory filters the search process would be impossible. Hence, the marketplace is crammed with diverse filters which help in accurate matching.

The list of pre-owned vehicles might boggle the mind with variety. More than sixty makes are present in the inventory, with more than a dozen filters to sort out all available offers. Only a few clicks divide you from an ideal car.

‘Pre-owned’ doesn’t mean an old one. That is why price tags on some items make us shiver. Never say die, you can acquire a used car with the help of several finance options. The most widespread tool is loan programs (in fact, every second person around the world opts for car financing).

Still, how would one know if this or that bid is adequate for payment? Well, online marketplace features a dedicated loan calculator; it allows calculating how much you should pay monthly for a pre-owned car for sale in RSA. Just fill in some data (interest rate, trade in (optional), first deposit, program term) – the calculator will do the job for you.

If you’re not quite satisfied with the info provided in the descriptions, there is always a chance of contacting the dealer (seller) directly. The marketplace does not trot out vendors’ contact details, though they become visible to those who submit a request for further communication.

In the end, there is another privilege of resorting to ZA used car sales online market: the availability of filter that sorts out offers by region. What’s the use of it? Fancy that you’ve found an ideal vehicle but the vendor is located in a remote village. You will unlikely opt for a country mile. Instead, you will search out a dealer a short distance away, within your region.

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